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Published twice yearly, with issue in the spring and autumn, The Conradian: The Journal of the Joseph Conrad Society (UK) is a refereed journal of scholarship devoted to the life and writings of Joseph Conrad. It is the recognized journal of record in the field of Conrad studies. Recent issues have included work on all aspects of Conrad.

The General Editor is Alexandre Fachard, the Contributing Editor Richard Niland, and the Advisory Editors Allan H. Simmons, Owen Knowles, Gene M. Moore, Laurence Davies, and Hugh Epstein.

The journal is included in the cost of membership and sent to all members of The Society. It is available by subscription to libraries. For information on current rates for members/subscribers as well as methods of payment, please see the Membership page.

The Conradian is indexed in the MLA International Bibliography, The Year's Work in English Studies , Abstracts in English Studies, and Victorian Studies. The journal from 1993 to 2006 will be available in digital form from JSTOR some time in 2012.

The Conradian Green Open Access policy to support researcher funder and mandate compliance (e.g. the REF in the UK): LINK TO POLICY

Back issues are available for certain years and may be purchased by contacting The Honorary Secretary. A sample issue (pdf file) is available here. For a list of back issues available, prices, and payment methods see either of the two forms provided here for downloading and printing: MS Word Back Issues or PDF Back Issues.


The Conradian welcomes submissions on all aspects of the life and writings of Joseph Conrad. Normally, essays vary between 5,000-8,000 words in length, although in exceptional cases where a topic warrants further development the word-limit can be increased. Notes are also welcome. The journal reviews only the volumes of The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Joseph Conrad. Other volumes of interest are reviewed on this website.

Cambridge University Press, acting for The Estate of Joseph Conrad, has determined that all unpublished letters by Conrad (which as unpublished work are still in copyright) should appear only in The Conradian. Permission to publish these need not be sought. Unpublished letters are to be formatted following the conventions in The Collected Letters.

Since the journal publishes only 15-18 full length essays per year and essays are typically solicited after the Annual Conference, a very high standard of scholarship is maintained and only original and significant work can be considered for publication.

Submissions should be sent to The Editor at email as a Windows-based MS Word file. A template is available here and may be altered as desired to make a submission. A brief bio-bibliography will be requested from the writer upon acceptance of a submission. (See the latest issue for models.)

Non-members whose work has been accepted for publication in The Conradian are invited to take out membership to support the Society for the calendar year in which their work appears.

The decision to publish an essay is undertaken by the editorial committee on the advice, if required, of specialists in the wider scholarly community. A decision normally takes approximately six weeks.

Essays are thoroughly edited for style, for consistency with house-style practices, clarity of argument, and accuracy of citations and references and then returned to the writer for checking and final approval.

The time-lag between acceptance and publication can vary, depending upon the number of essays in hand and whether or not a special issue is scheduled. At present, at least twelve months will usually pass between acceptance and publication.

From time to time, the editors solicit material for special issues. These issues are also published as monographs by Rodopi of Amsterdam. Themed issues are another separate category, with a focus maintained in all (or in the overwhelming number of) contributions.

The Conradian uses a "Works cited" citation format (see the Style Sheet), and writers are requested to submit their work in it. Footnotes are reserved for the expansion of ideas and not for bibliographical information as such. Submissions not conforming to this rubric may be returned to the writer before being considered.

Relevant illustrations (normally black and white) may accompany an essay. Originals should only be submitted once an essay has been accepted, at which time specifications regarding acceptable quality and format (a minimum of 300 dpi for digital images) will be supplied the writer. If maps are required, we can recommend a cartographer and usually can cover expenses; however, providing models to be redrawn are the responsibility of the writer.

Potential contributors should apply The Conradian Style Sheet to their work to expedite processing and editing.

Forthcoming Issue

Contents of The Conradian 43.2 (Autumn 2018) are posted below:

  • Luis Sundkvist  Frans G. Bengtsson, a Swedish Champion of Conrad
  • An Ning Lao  She and Conrad
  • Jeremy Hawthorn  Real-World Generalizations in Conrad’s Third-Person Narratives
  • Andrea Fenice  Beyond Suspense: The Rhythm of Clues in The Secret Agent
  • Susan Zhang Maginn  Cultivating the Conrad “Industry”: Private Printing and the Collectors’ Market in Conrad’s Later Years
  • William Atkinson Yet Again, Achebe and Heart of Darkness: Updating the Horror
  • Owen Knowles and Allan H. Simmons Three New Conrad Letters: 1914, 1923, and 1924
  • Owen Knowles  Conrad and Thomas F. Moxon: A Reminiscence and a Letter Recovered
  • Debra Romanick Baldwin  Review of the Cambridge Edition of The Nigger of the “Narcissus,” ed. Allan H. Simmons

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