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The websites listed below aim to provide both the scholar, student, and general reader with tools to explore Conrad on the World Wide Web and beyond. 

Major Conrad Organizations

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  • José González Celis discusses Conrad, boats, trips, and books, with the hosts of “Deportiva y Cultural Radio Club 02x04,” on Spanish radio station, Onda Cero. He is the author of  “Size, Wisdom, and Uneasiness: Further Reflections on the Loss of the Titanic." (Interview in Spanish)


  • Sree Kumar presented, ‘Conrad in Southeast Asia: An Illustrative Tour,’ at the JCS (UK) annual international conference on 7 July 2023.  NEW
  • Professor Robert Hampson delivered his paper, ‘Conrad, Colonialism and Africa,’ in the Twentieth Century Polish History Seminar series presented by The Polish University Abroad (PUNO), on 20 April 2022
  • Professor Robert Hampson delivered the inaugural lecture, “Joseph Conrad Today,” for the Joseph Conrad Fellowship at the Institute De Republica, Warsaw, Poland, on 3 December 2021 (Polish audio)


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