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The Committee of the Joseph Conrad Society (U.K.) 2016

The current officers of the Society and members of the Executive Committee are listed here (in PDF).



Annual General Meetings


A copy of the minutes from the 2016 AGM is available to members on request to the Secretary. Contact Hugh Epstein.



Conference Addresses


Keith Carabine's closing address as Chair, titled ‘Conrad in my Life’, was presented in Canterbury on 4 July 2014.



Awards and Citations


Robert Hampson has been awarded first prize in the Adam Gillon Book Award in Conrad Studies 2016 for Conrad's Secrets (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012).


Jay Parker received the 2015 Bruce Harkness Young Scholar Award for his essay, '"He was one of us": Rortyan Liberal Ethnocentrism and Ironic Narrative Voice in Conrad's Lord Jim'.


The Shadow-Line (2013), edited by J. H. Stape and Allan Simmons, and Under Western Eyes (2013), edited by Roger Osborne and Paul Eggert, have been awarded the Seal of Approval by the MLA's Committee on Scholarly Editions.

Richard Niland's Conrad and History (Oxford 2010) has been awarded joint first prize in the Adam Gillon Book Award in Conrad Studies 2013. View the full citation at the Joseph Conrad Society of America Awards page.


Keith Carabine was awarded the 2011 Ian P. Watt Prize for Excellence in Conrad Scholarship from the Joseph Conrad Society of America. View full citation here.

Andrew Purssell received the 2011 Young Scholar of the Year Award from the Joseph Conrad Society of America: Joseph Conrad Today 37:1 (Spring 2012) announcement.




Thomas Moser (1923 - 2016) Conrad scholar and Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

J.H. Stape (1949 - 2016) Conrad scholar and General Editor for the Cambridge Edition of the Works of Joseph Conrad

Gerald Morgan (1925-2015), Conrad scholar and Professor Emeritus (Royal Roads Military College, Victoria, Canada)

Mario Curreli, Conrad scholar and long-standing member of the Joseph Conrad Society (UK)

Jacques Alexandre Berthoud, Conrad scholar and chairman of the British section of Amnesty International (1979-81)

Alan Bernard Heywood Kenny, the second editor of the journal of the Joseph Conrad Society (UK) (1979-83)









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