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45th Annual International Conference of the Joseph Conrad Society (U.K.)

The 45th Annual International Conference of the Joseph Conrad Society (U.K.), 5 – 7 July 2018, will be held at Writtle University College, Chelmsford, Essex. This is 45 minutes by train from London, and situated north of Stanford-le-Hope, Conrad’s first residence in England after his marriage.

Call for Papers here

Placing Conrad: Space and Geography in Conrad’s Fiction. Senate House, London, 17 February 2018

This symposium, which marks the occasion of Professor Hampson’s retirement from full-time teaching, celebrates his contribution to Conrad Studies by bringing together new, established and independent scholars to develop fresh perspectives on a key area of his oeuvre: the spaces of Conrad’s fiction. 
The past decade has witnessed a tremendous quickening of interest in the spatial and environmental humanities. These trends have proven remarkably important for scholars of English literature. Whether in building on earlier works in spatial theory, eco-criticism and psychogeography, in conducting geographically informed distant readings, or in exploring the global, transnational, and geopolitical contexts of specific writers and works: scholarship in English literature is increasingly concerned with the interactions between literary texts and their environments.

This symposium examines a range of spatial topics in relation to Conrad's works including space and time, gesture, law, maps, and reception. The day concludes with a plenary lecture from Iain Sinclair and a reception. 

Enquiries to:        Download programme here

Conrad Panel at MLA Convention Chicago (USA) 3-6 January 2019

Conrad’s Politics of Hope

In the spirit of recent challenges to the hermeneutics of suspicion, we invite papers that take the idealism in Conrad’s writing seriously. The law of unintended consequences rules Conrad’s fiction, and characters who voice idealistic aspirations usually fail to achieve them, but does the failure of idealism necessarily discredit it? Does Conrad imagine alternatives to the hypocrisy, selfishness, and materialism he portrays? Does he balance critique with hope? 

Please send abstracts by March 15 to Joyce Wexler

Objects in Hardy and Conrad: Conference to be held at the University of Rouen on 24-25 May 2018

This two-day conference will focus on the significance of "objects" in the works of Thomas Hardy and Joseph Conrad, both in terms of how objects are represented -- as social markers, for example -- and the works themselves as objets d' art. It is organized by FATHOM (French Association for Thomas Hardy Studies), and is scheduled to be held at the University of Rouen on 24-25 May 2018.

You may download the full notice here (in English) and here (in French).

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